Friday, August 28, 2009

SAL's from Marquoir German Yahoo Group!

I recently was invited to do a mystery design for a group of German ladies and found several that they are doing right now that I've decided to join in on, well four actually!!

I'm going to post about each one seperately, so that I can track each design in my blog.
If you would like to join the group, there is a link to the left.
The way this group works is, you have to look throught the database all of the available mysteries that are going on right now. Then decide which ones that you want to join and send an email to the group requesting the first part. Either Susanne or Elke (Group Mom's) will send you the first part and when you get it finished you have to post a picture to the group and then they will send you the next part and so on.
Right now, I've gotten into four of them and are enjoying every one. I do plan on stitching the design that I did for them along with them.

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SilkLover said...

Hi Kelly, Can't wait for your myster to start. Of course, I have the material list, so I should at least, have the treads. I better get going on that Mandala, though!