Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Update - 10-12-09

Well, I've gotten 2 more parts done on "Mandala", but had to put it away for a little while. Got kind of burnt out on it. :(

I brought out "Splendor", which I haven't worked on for months. I'm still scared to death that I'm not going to have enough thread to finish it. If I do, it will be really close so I'm using the petit needles that I get from Vikki Clayton and using every tiny little bit that I can of each length of thread. We'll just have to wait and see. I so love this design and want to do all of the Splendor designs, but since they are only sold in kits (and I don't do kits) I have to see if I can find someone that has done them that is willing to trade or even sell just the chart to me. I was lucky with the first one. I had something to trade for it.

I know Stitching Jubilee is coming up this weekend and I so wanted to go this year!!! :( But I just don't have the funds or the time, since I actually have work to do right now. I work from home (Steel Drafter) and work has been really, really scarce for the past 10 weeks. I'm lucky I work for someone that will carry me when there isn't any work. One of these days I'll get to meet Vikki Clayton and go to her new shop!! :) Maybe next year, if I start saving now!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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Carolyn NC said...

I wish you could come to Jubilee, too - would be fun to meet you. Good luck with the work - hopefully things will be picking up soon for you.