Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sternenstaub im Eichenwald

Sternenstaub im Eichenwald (German Name) given by Ricki Gensweider
"Star Dust in the Oak Forest" (English Translation) given by Tam

Design size: 173w x 220h

I did this design for the Yahoo Group "StickLoung". After is was finished I decided to have contest for the naming. It was done by a "Poll" and the winning was profided by Ricki Gensweider.

The model was stitched by Marcy Marley using 28ct Jobelan from Wichelt and DMC Threads. Personally I really LOVE her version of it.

This is a printed Chart Pack and can be purchased using my PayPal account: email :

The price is $12.00 per chart pack , shipping in the US is Free. International is not.

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Marcy said...

Hi Kelly -- it looks good!