Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8th, 2012 - Update

I worked on 6 WIP/UFO's this past week.  I feel like I actually got something accomplished!

 Heart Note Alley - Sticklounge Yahoo Group
Finished Part 9!

 Mary Wigham
Started for a SAL on the Sampler World FB Group.

 Odds & Ends Round by Tam's Creations
Finished Part 4

 Wal D'Champs 2010-2011 SAL
Finished Page 2

 HAED's Dragon Treasure Stocking
Finished another 10 rows on page 8 and started on the next 10 rows up!

 KS 1764 by European Reproductions
Started with page 1, haven't finished it yet.


Krista said...

wow, Kelly! Your needles must be smoking! Congrats on getting so much accomplished, they all look great. Love your Mary Wigham!! :)

Beth Pearce said...

Wowsers!! That is an amazing group of projects! These will be so much fun for me to watch develope!! This WIPocalypse is really going to be enjoyable - don't you think?

Sunshine said...

Lot's of stitching going on here!!!
You go girl!! I look forward to your next update!

Annette B said...

They are all gorgeous pieces

OctoberLace said...

Great progress this week! You've got some lovely pieces going. Theresa

Ziggyeor said...

oh goodness a Dragon Treasure stocking?! I have a Dragon Stocking to start I think it still needs fabric though. That one is looking amazing. I keep telling myself no new patterns but I'm not thrilled with the other dragon stocking I picked up to go with the other one. hrmm.

Good luck on all your stitching.

Anonymous said...

great progress
am in admiration of your dragon stocking - so many colour changes ^^

Diane (di) said...

Kelly, everything is just beautiful. But your HAED stocking and Wal D'Champs... wow!!!

Alesia Matson said...

Progress on SIX WIPs? Yeow!! *big grin*

What a wonderful selection of projects you've got going. Great job!

Katie said...

Hello I'm a WIPocalypse stitcher too. Love your update. I'm stitched the Treasure Dragon too but the full piece. Love the progress you have on it. The confetti keeps me from making a lot of progress. I started mine is the upper left corner.

JoAnna said...

Wow, you do beautiful work!

MoonBeam said...

You have a bunch of interesting projects going. Keep up the good work!