Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Sierra Supreme" 5 pages of 16 finished - January 24, 2016


Design by Artecy; Original Photogragh by Mackenzie Zabo;  Owner of Sierra - Lynsay Atcheson

When I first saw Mackenzie's photograph of Sierra, I was in love!!
I knew it would be a wonderful cross stitch design if I could get someone to do it.  Mackenzie gave me permission and Lynsay gave me permission to try to get it charted.  I first contacted HAED about doing one, they promptly deleted me from all of their FB groups without giving me a reason why (that's what pissed me off).  So I then contacted Artecy and the rest is history!  I'm stitching this as a gift for Lynsay, so when it's finished it will wing it's way to Canada.

I've finished 5 pages of 16.  I always start at the bottom right corner and work my way across the bottom row of pages, then go back to the right and start the next row of pages.  My stitches just look and lay better.  I'll post another picture when I get the 6th page finished.

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